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a good word and a question
« on: August 14, 2010, 11:59:51 AM »
First, I wanted to commend you on the extraordinary work you did to create this website.

I think the material, especially the invested multimedia articles, is the most convincing stuff on the internet.
I wish every activist will examine deeply this material and will come to the same conclusion you did.

In addition, I wanted to know if a multimedia articles on vivisection and the beef industry are in the planning.
(I didn't find such ones)


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Re: a good word and a question
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2010, 03:17:24 AM »
Thank you very much. We did put a lot of time and effort on the website so it is very nice to hear appreciation from other activists and much more important such an evident agreement.

I am sure you personally have already exposed every activist you find relevant, to the general idea and to specific materials, but if you can think of more ways to reach more activists who care enough to do what ever it takes to stop all the suffering please tell us.

We did make an article about vivisection called the suffering argument which is more critical of the anti-vivisection movement than it is informative, however, in the part of the article which itself called the suffering argument, we put many experiments examples under the various categories of torture. We explained in the article why this is how we believe anti-vivisection advocacy should look like and what’s wrong with the current way.

In addition there are a few slideshows about vivisection so in case you missed them, they are: Absurd, Is there anybody out there and Rodents which is also critical of the anti-vivisection movement but from a different angle than the article.

Regarding the meat-cows industry, we didn’t plan to make one as we felt it is covered by other articles that directly regard to the meat-cows industry such as systematic rape, They are already transparent, The most terrified creature on earth and not a by product. And also a specific slideshow called why.

Another reason is that at some point we decided to focus on less familiar industries and suffering causes such as premarin, cockfighting, ostriches and emus, honey, leather, rabbits, the world debt, water shortage, bears gall, and etc.

The last two we made for that matter are about the silk industry and about female genital mutilation which as far as we know people heard about but don’t really know what’s behind them.
The next one would probably be about dog racing which is very familiar in certain places but not at all in others, and we already have other ideas for later.  

Besides multimedia articles and slideshows there are many images in the photogallery and videos in the videogallery for both issues.

And finally thanks again for the good words.
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