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"constituting the torture"
« on: May 19, 2010, 05:29:15 AM »
Hello, what do you mean when saying the phrase in the subject in the following paragraph:

"... most of the activists are speciesists. They devote their time constituting the torture, practically accepting humans' dominance."

If you had to use a different word, not "constituting", what would it be?


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Re: "constituting the torture"
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2010, 07:01:05 AM »
We wrote constituting the torture no only in the form of legalizing parts of the intensive exploitation procedures, mainly in all kinds of welfare campaigns, but also and this is more significant in the long run, the social constituting or forming a frame of thought which in the context of the original paragraph, is a frame of thought that it is the abusers decision whether to keep their abuse routine and the activists’ role is only to give information wishing it will change the way humans treat animals.
But all the activists know that most of the people they talk to won’t change their harmful habits and become non-speciesist vegans, so choosing to let them choose, knowing that most will continue to abuse animals is constituting the torture.

As written in further in that text:
When you are explaining instead of stopping the suffering you are an accomplice.
When one is human and the other is not…you are a speciesist.

And later:
Every time that someone leaves your information stand not convinced to become vegan, you "release" him to hurt.
Every animal rights discussion that doesn’t end with a new non speciesist vegan, means letting another human continue with his systematic abuse. Letting him go means more suffering.
By that we mean constituting the torture or forming it which will be the word we would replace constituting with.

That’s more or less in the context of the paragraph it was taken from but of course the general context of the phrase is much wider.
Even if conventional campaigns and explanations would work, it would still be constituting the torture because of the suffering involves with vegan diet.  
A vegan world would still be full of violence since the vegan diet is full of violence as we showed in the vegan suffer article. It is not just that activists for some totally unjustified reason accept violence occurring until they figure out how to change all humans’ diet, they support a lifestyle that justifies systematic violence. By that we mean constituting the torture.
Activists have invented a false reality that got nothing to do with how things are really done and how harmful the process of making vegan food really is. If there were no factory farms, planet based diet would be considered extremely cruel. The fact that such a harmful system is considered cruelty free is an indication of how desperate and self convincing activists are. It is really disappointing to see again and again how activists cover their ears and eyes to the harms of planet based agriculture because the animal based is so much worse.

So even if it was possible to change the entire humanity diet into a vegan one and the entire humanity wardrobe into a vegan one and cancel all experiments and all animal exploitation in entertainment businesses, as dreamy as it would be, it’s still very far from being a cruelty free world. Knowing that but still advocating it, is constituting it.

Another segment of constitute the torture is manifested by that activists who don’t challenge humans’ superiority when they ask if they will consider having something else to wear and eat. In fact explaining is accepting and reinforcing humans’ tyranny. Activists totally ignore the suffering involves with the inevitable conflict of interests between humans and the rest of the world’s creatures.
Unfortunately humans prevailed the rest of the species in the fight over the world’s resources and over time got to the current position. And since humans have gained a lot of knowledge and skills it’s clear that even if the imaginary scenario of a non speciesist world would become realized, very soon the world will return to look exactly as it is now because the fight over resources will always be relevant no matter what is politically correct. The distribution will be on the basis of power. Whom who is weak enough to be in the position of exploitation will be exploited.

Try to think for example of one road. Just one. Think how much harm does just one road is responsible for.
Starting with the massive land clearing which is actually habitat racking and then a permanent division of it, think about the tremendous amount of air pollution, noise, waste and trembling of the entire area. How many animals’ lives were destroyed by just one road? I didn’t manage to get a worlds statistics but in the united states there are 5.7 million miles of paved highways.

Letting it continue knowing that the power balance is so unequal by far in favor of humans, is speciesism and constituting the torture.
Activists know that humans are far stronger than any other species so they can’t seriously argue that it is a fair fight and if it was a fair fight or at least not as unfair as it is now how can they moral defend this notion? The world is power based, on constant fight between the species and within them and that can be morally justified?
If life is inherently violent, so power based, exploitive by its definition, naturally manipulative and the more opportunistic creatures are the better they succeeded in this cruel meaningless sadist game, than life isn’t moral. Not only modern life, not only capitalistic society or not even only human society, since most of the basic elements are common among most species, life as a concept can’t be morally justified.

The last and probably strongest case of why we state the activists constitute the torture is their absolute overlook of what goes on between the non-humans species. But before I get into that you must read/watch non-speciesist suffer.

If the ideal world by many activists is one that consists of so much suffering then they actually constitute the torture.
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Re: "constituting the torture"
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2010, 08:18:06 AM »

P.S.  I already read&watched the main material on the website.


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