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please watch/read the article vegan suffer
« on: February 08, 2010, 08:19:53 AM »
In this article we focused on the production phases of vegan food in the deepest, most thorough way we could. You will find here extremely disturbing and saddening data of how vast and basic the suffer us vegans inflict on non human animals and how ridiculous the pretension to live cruelty free actually is.
When we started to collect the information we were absolutely stunned. We knew about several issues but we never imagined how horrible it is and our motivation to show all the vegans out there that a plant diet is not suffer free strengthened with every new data we bumped into. We didn’t know how cruel and speciesist veganism is. There was nothing new about the argument that everything comes on the expense of someone else we even wrote it several times in our website but still it was a horrible enlightenment to find out  how much pain we are directly responsible for. In the end it amplified our motivation to accomplish the only one solution but it was a sad journey. Sad but important, so we ask you all to take it too.
There is no way we can live without hurt. We have invested a lot of time convincing you a vegan world is not possible all along this website but after writing this article it feels a little needless. A vegan world is full of suffer. It is not only the suffer that other species cause to other species, it’s innumerable production processes that cause so much harm and suffer that our attempt to cover it all is pretentious as well as chanceless. We did our best thinking of every angle and relevant data we could find in the obvious limitations and it is without mentioning the direct human-human suffer as a result of vegan food production especially through cash crop products and of course each indirect way that harms the environment and hurt humans as well.

We invite you all to further explore the subject after reading our article and to distribute the information to other activists. Preaching to Vegansim as a moral option is cruel and dangerous. If we who care and fight against suffer keep convincing ourselves and the surrounding that there is an alternative, we will never look for a real alternative, a real solution for the world suffer.


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