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Leather wearing vegetarians
« on: January 31, 2010, 08:54:10 AM »
The well known differentiation people tend to make between leather and meat which is so hated by us animal rights activists and so popular among vegetarians, is an indication of the illogic and irrational way of thinking of humans. You all know the connection is unquestionably inseparable and you don’t have to be an erudite activist to understand it. Basic understanding of the principles of economy is sufficient.
As OOS wrote in the article about leather:
"Every part of the animal is used and sold in order to make the whole exploitation system more and more profitable."
"As opposed to common assumption, leather is not a by product of the meat industry. It’s primarily produced from cows, raised for both flesh and Milk, and from other exploited “farm animals” such as Pigs, Sheep, Horses, Lambs and Goats. Their skin represents around 50% of the animal's total value for humans, which makes it the most valuable part of the exploited creature. Leather is not the by product, it is the prime product."
"You can’t divide the meat industry from the leather industry, there are no two industries, they are both products of the same industry, only different body parts."

Still many vegetarians choose to separate between the two industries for several reasons. Some reasons have an internal logic like convenience which is morally horrible, maybe even the worst, but it makes sense and it doesn’t indicate on anything more than it is - convenient. And some lack any reason and internal logic, like that the animal is already dead anyway.
Vegetarians who supposedly oppose the killing disconnect it from their own leather consumption. There is no connection between the slaughterhouse horrors and the leather they wear. 
Another famous argument which is very popular among vegetarians is that there is no need to be extreme. They usually argue it when being criticized for not being vegan, when there is another vegetarian around who tries to convince the others to become veggie and when they are criticized for using leather - some as the primal ingredient like leather shoes and many more justify products where leather is a rather minor ingredient like leather laces in a coat or leather coat gear in a car, by the no need to be extreme "argument".
They may convince themselves that it is negligible and us vegan-animal liberation activists will argue that there is no such thing as negligible but this is not my point, I am trying to point the vegetarians’ inconsistence arguments not immoral actions. Many vegetarians will not dare to eat mixed casserole if there is even the slightest piece of meat and many won’t eat something even if there is a chance that a piece of meat touched it. But they don’t have a problem with leather as long as it doesn’t feel like leather. They won’t wear leather pants or jacket but some leather in their shoe or a small leather embellishment in their cotton coat is fine again, as long as it is not too apparent and as long as they don’t feel it.
These are the self centered vegetarians. They will not criticize meat eaters but will criticize the one who tries to convert others to vegetarianism or them to veganism. It is as if they don’t mind that the massacre will continue as long as it is not in their name.
This inconsistent conception is derived among other reasons from the great emphasis laid on the killing. The fact that leather consumption finance the confinement and the living conditions and everything else involved in factory farming seems less important.
Of course buying leather is directly participating in the killing but as far as they are concerned the killing is for meat eater and they use products made out of animals that were already dead. They just don’t connect. They pay among the rest of the atrocities for the murder too but then say that the animal was already dead so it doesn’t matter anymore. 

Re: Leather wearing vegetarians
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2010, 05:01:03 AM »
I personally haven’t come across that many leather wearing vegetarians, however what you called the self centered vegetarians that hardly mind the abuse as long as they are not a part of it is a huge phenomena at least in my experience.
The easy going vegetarians that oppose preaching and respect other lifestyle choices, that go out with friends to McDonalds and have the veggie meal (as long as it’s not cooked on the same plate as the meat…), I think in their case vegetarianism has nothing to do with boycott animal exploitation, its no more than a mean of self determination like wearing Nike. Perhaps that’s why there are daft titles like ovo vegetarians, lacto vegetarians ,ovo lacto vegetarians and I think there is even a name for ones that only eat fish but I don’t recall what it was.
Once one told me that when asked to go to the market she refuses to buy meat for the other members of her family, and added - if they want meat they should go to the butcher shops and buy the meat themselves. Butcher shops don’t bother her as long as she’s not entering them. 

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Re: Leather wearing vegetarians
« Reply #2 on: February 01, 2010, 12:20:55 PM »
Yea. You can eat meat but not in my name…

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Re: Leather wearing vegetarians
« Reply #3 on: February 02, 2010, 06:36:48 AM »
I’ve come to expect so little of vegetarians, conversations with them can be more despairing than with carnivores.
I bet I was called by more vegetarians a far out missionary than by carnivores.
I can think of another place where self centered motives are very obvious - struggles in biology classes so animals test won’t be obligatory. Folks that normally wouldn’t bother attending any animal rights activities suddenly go through huge lengths, often turning to legal actions against the university if necessary, so it won’t be their hand holding the knife. Most of the time they don’t mind what the rest of the class is doing let alone what’s happening outside of the class in the world around them.

The outcome (less animal victims and a push forwards for “alternatives”) is blessed, but in essence it’s a student rights fight and not an animal rights one.
It’s just the same story as your veggie shopper, it won’t be her hand handing out the cash and grabbing the carcass in return, not her leg passing the deli’s doorstep. I don’t think there’s an activist that hasn’t heard such stories, and this indifference is beyond me. Butcheries should be closed not ignored. Vegetarians are supposed to want to shut them down instead they pass them by. Butchery is a place they don’t want to enter, not a place they don’t want to continue to exist.
It might be that vegetarians can be even more indifferent to the carnage then carnivores since they are not burdened by a guilty conscious. 


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