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End All Suffering Blog
« on: July 06, 2015, 01:19:52 AM »
We’ve started a blog.
here is the address:

We’ll use it as another platform to further deepen our vision of a conceptual, philosophical movement with substantial practical activistic agenda who doesn’t passively long for a “doomsday” event that would stop all the suffering, but looks for ways to actively bring it.

We will try to convince you activists that your responsibility is not what you eat or what the tiny fraction of humans you might potentially affect eat, but what each and every one, in each and every place on this planet is doing in every single moment, since the suffering is everywhere all of the time.

Obviously animal activists wishing for the planet to be wiped out, is not new. Many activists say they would press the button when asked the hypothetical question, but very few are willing to dedicate their lives to create such a button. Our goal is to change that.

The fact that the problem is so immensely huge that it’s almost impossible to really comprehend, leads too many activists to passively think big but actively work small. We want to change that so activists would think huge and act huge. Think global and act global.
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