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What It Takes To Be A Celebrity
« on: April 29, 2015, 07:44:11 AM »
Temple Grandin

There was once a woman who empathized to such a degree with the poor poor animals that she took it upon herself to ask their captors, tormentors and enslavers if she could do anything to help them. By "them" I do of course mean to say, to help the captors, tormentors and enslavers do a better job of capturing, tormenting and enslaving.

Truly, I am ...not surprised to find that this woman is so incredibly popular. Wherever one goes they are confronted with quips, quotes and general hero worship regarding Temple Fuckin' Grandin. It's everywhere.

So, let's really have a think about this...

We have a woman who went to a concentration camp and saw a way to make the process of extermination "more efficient". +X deaths per minute = +Y Capital (Etymologically, Capita = Skull, Capital Wealth of Human = X Head of Slaves)

So, hypothetically and metaphorically, if Mrs. Hugglebunny were to travel to one of the many US prison camps - conveniently placed in countries that have no treaties or laws with regards too torture and extermination - and started to place signs on the walls of these prison camps directing prisoners to the torture chambers, not only would Mrs. Hugglebunny get paid by the people inflicting the torture, because those directions made it quicker and easier to torture more people in less time, but Hugglebunny would also be a celebrity when she got back home. Everybody would be quoting her every word as genius and buying her books telling the glorious masses about how we all need to torture people because it makes us all feel better and how to put directions to interrogation chambers in the corridors of prisons to make life easier for the poor, suffering and overworked "information extraction technicians" perpetrating torture on those incarcerated for...having certain religious beliefs? different color skin? as who they are, really!?

That's what it takes to be a celebrity to humanity...?

Sure looks that way.
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