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Celebrating Suffering
« on: October 26, 2014, 07:05:28 AM »
Since the beginning of human time they have forced nonhumans to serve them in various functions.  
The following article is about animals’ coercively function during humans’ festivals and holidays.
When we started to study the issue we didn’t know how extensive it is. We found out about hundreds of rituals with millions of victims every year.
And it is more than that. It was important to show that under the terrifying diversity of torturing practices (in some cases each village has its own torture version) there is a common denominator among them as nonhumans’ traditional role in all humans’ celebrations is to demonstrate humans’ superiority. Different cultures do, did and will exhibit and maintain their dominance and control in various ways. All the examples in the article, and unfortunately many more, are part of power and control celebrations and rituals of humans’ superiority over nonhumans.
Animal abuse during humans’ festivals and holidays also has a common denominator with all the other animal exploitation practices and that’s the essential point the article is trying to make.
Human relationship with nonhumans is not functional. Humans don’t exploit animals just because they think they need to, but because they know they want to. Eating is not only functional. Actually it is mostly not functional. And eating animal products is defiantly not a functional way to get all the nutrients humans need. Most humans don’t choose what to eat because of its nutritional values anyway, but because it is cheap, taste good or since they are used to eat it. Usually they chose the food that is all the three and it is usually animal based which also add a crucial element of power symbol, even if in many cases it’s subconscious. So goes for clothing. Wearing leather, wool and fur is also totally not a functional decision. They are solely status symbols of power and dominance and obviously not the best covering options.
Eating and wearing animals is a ritual, a statement, it is part of human culture, a subconscious declaration of dominance. It is easier to see it in this article because it deals with the explicit rituals of power and dominance, however the principle is the same with all the animal exploitations industries.
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