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Xenotransplantion, in this case, refers to a biological organ - a kidney for example - being taken from a foreign source and transplanted into another body.

There have been recent developments that speak of "using" pigs as that "foreign source" with which to develop human organs by means of creating laboratory chimera's, almost.

These developments utterly fail to take into account the real meaning of "Xenotransplantation", and it's right there in the word itself... "Plantation". Deliberately farming living beings in concentration camps in order to produce biologically alien materials within their bodies and killing them to procure that material. The life itself is just the trash by-product.

Human beings will now be able to eat the Genetically Modified and toxin enriched foods forced upon them by the agricultural mega-corporations and their corporate government lackeys with nay a care in the world. Humanity, most certainly most westerners, can now feast upon meats and alcohols and all manner of "treats" advertised to them through their TV's because all they need to do is order new organs from the local pig farm when they wear their own bodies out through gluttonous indulgence.

Everybody wins. Wonderful. "Isn't it amazing what they can do nowadays".

Keep the OOS apprised of the Xenotrans Plantations here in the thread. Somebody might even want to ascertain organ waiting lists worldwide and figure out how many more lives will be callously discarded per year in the emerging industry of human organ production.

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