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Re: Trends
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It is another proof that the animals never win. It also proves that counting on present drifts not putting animals suffer as the main and only issue but just as a wishful side affect, won’t bring any good. Animal rights activists don’t want to understand that people want to eat meat. No matter what they do people won’t stop. Very quickly, animal rights activists adopted the global warming trend, thinking that now when people know how environmentally harmful meat is, they’ll quit. Sometimes I wonder if we live in the same world?! Of course they won’t. They don’t care.
Just as after the avian flu outbreak in India people didn’t stop eating meat but replaced the chickens with rabbits, same will happen if cows’ meat is taxed or considered politically incorrect for environmental reasons. And what happened in India is different since the ones who ate chickens were directly harmed by it, not the next generations. In this case when the harms are caused to someone else and "only" in the future I doubt they would care.

We were furious about al gore ignoring the subject, now scientists are advising to substitute cows with chickens and kangaroos since they are greener, which means more victims.
Will you ever learn? The only chance for a fundamental change in animals’ state is convincing humanity that animals deserve to be in the moral circle and this argument is the one with the smallest chance to ever be accepted by humans.
I am not sure if in this case I want people to care enough to do something about their part in global warming?
This is how twisted the world we live in is …
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