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Re: Nudity
« Reply #15 on: September 10, 2010, 08:56:18 AM »
I still do not think its pointless to Rescue a Dog if i have the Means and the Animal needs to be rescued at that Momment when i see it. I still know that every one i saved is now happy and that is what made it worth. I do agree with you however, that the main goal of every moral Person should be to End ALL the Suffer.

I still do not think its pointless to Rescue a Dog if i have the Means and the Animal needs to be rescued at that Momment when i see it. I still know that every one i saved is now happy and that is what made it worth. I do agree with you however, that the main goal of every moral Person should be to End ALL the Suffer.

I totally agree with you. Of course helping someone is not pointless.
I totally agree that if you have the means to help someone specific in a specific situation you must to. This is not the “stop all your activism” that we meant and this is not the pointless things we had in mind. It’s the frame of thought that we can gain rights for animals by telling people they deserve them that is pointless. Or trying to convince people to go vegan in an attempt to stop suffering which is pointless. Lobbying for decades to constitute protective laws that end up much weaker than the original suggestions and never enforced anyway is pointless. Shouting slogans is pointless no matter how true, compassionate, rational, consistent and wit they are. Asking the oppressors to be more considerate is pointless and also morally wrong as written in the manifest, choosing to explain is accepting and reinforcing the concept that it is humans' decision whether or not to change the way they treat non human animals. It is accepting their superiority, their tyranny. As long as we choose to explain to someone that it is wrong to exploit, we accept the fact that it is the exploiter’s choice. And it shouldn’t be.

So we actually agree but even if we weren’t, the most important thing is that we agree the main goal of every moral Person should be to End ALL the Suffer.
The basic understanding that since we know it is there, we can't ignore it and that from the moment we become aware of the existence of suffering we are responsible for stopping all of it, is as we see it the most important moral internalization activists should do.

Euthanasia brigade who is also a member of this forum felt more or less the same regarding his personal potential to carry this kind of mission. He was looking for ways to help as well and since he doesn’t know any relevant people to work with and for reasons I don’t know he said that some sort of an academic research is not relevant at this point, he decided to open pages in social networking websites such as flicker, mysapce, yahoo, youtube and etc. so now there are O.O.S videos in many places over the net and links and photos and some texts too.
He also tried to contact people in these websites and said that he had a few interesting conversations.

If you know how to work securely and really anonymously and you can trust yourself to always watch who you contact with and what you say and etc, that can be a very good option for you too. However if you know some people with a potential to work with, I think in your case trying to build a research group can be more efficient. But of course it is totally up to you.  

You can use the WebPages Euthanasia brigade made to check the relevancy of your activists friends and show the actual website only to the relevant ones.
Here are the ones I know:;sid=aaa66hd28qmPyfPq2f7Rs

If it wasn’t so risky I wish we could arrange meeting and discussions about theory and practice but it is too dangerous, so we all have to work in tiny groups or even alone if necessary.
I think you should translate to your own language some parts of the manifest and FAQ and add some of your own, and sit with whom of your fallow activists who would be left after your selection, for a serious and profound meeting until they will be convinced. If they are moral, serious and caring people they got to get convinced.
How can someone not be convinced by what history tells us and what the future predict? How can someone not be convinced after realizing how cruel and immoral our only diet option to survive is, that life is inherently immoral?  

I know you’ve already read what can I do? in the FAQ, so this is mostly for the rest of readers:
If you agree this insane world must be stopped, if you wish for suffer to cease, then you must try. Initial thoughts about the likelihood of success are irrelevant because you don’t know what the chances are and because as extensively explained all along the website the conventional activism can’t stop the suffer.
The image of a world with no battery cages, no slaughterhouses, restraining devices or wars is the strongest motivation of all.
The animals are counting on you. You know by now that only you and other O.O.S members can save them.
It's no fantasy. It's simple math. The more the O.O.S message is passed, the greater are the chances of success .The more research cells formed world wide- the better are the chances of bringing the day that no one suffers.
Our power lies in our numbers and diversity. Each single cell may stand a small chance of success, but this is not the case for hundreds of cells with hundreds of different varied points of view, approaches, ideas, abilities, resources and methods. The cell with the right lead and the right resources and resourcefulness is bound to come along. It's simple statistics. All it takes is for one group to succeed, and the suffer will be stopped forever.
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Re: Nudity
« Reply #16 on: January 23, 2013, 05:23:23 PM »
Danish newspaper attracts readers with fish porn |

DENMARK. Naked women posing with huge, fearsome fish is something you would expect to find in the Internet's darkest and morally dubious corner.

But the fact is Denmark's largest fishing magazine Fish & Free weekly use of fish porn to attract readers. Since november 2007, appoints the magazine "Weekly fishing pige" where a naked woman holding up, hugging or catching a fish, one of which is more remarkable than the other.
They are still Denmark's largest fishing magazine. What do female anglers about this? To see pictures of naked women caressing slimy dead fish in the water at sunset. If there are few recreational anglers women in Denmark, given that their employees are 51 pieces of men and a woman, how inclusive is when those pictures?

Some say that you should be allowed to combine nudity with fish if we want it. What do you think about that?

- The problem is that it is only done in one direction. Gadgets, goods, services, and now FISHY, sold with objectified women. Not men. And it affects our attitude to women. Most people react to images talking about wanting to lie down on the floor and vomit and cry, but some (mostly men) who commented on my post just shrugs his shoulders.

- How can they not see the vulnerability of both the models and the fishes? And how can fish editorial not see it? It's hard not to start thinking about how they have developed empathy.

People who regard pulling living beings out of the water with a hook and suffocating them as a sport...and "thinking about how they have developed empathy.". It's an oxymoron.

What we've got here is brain-dead, lifeless serial killers who objectify their victims selling a product to brain-dead, lifeless serial killers who objectify their victims. What a surprise such a product, sold by such people, would also include a bit of "fuckable" meat for their advertisements. "EAT" - "FUCK" - "KILL" - "EAT" - "FUCK" - "KILL", that's just made a hunters day. No need to pretend we're all astonished that these adverts would be successful.
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Re: Nudity
« Reply #17 on: April 30, 2013, 09:39:34 AM »
Even in our wildest dreams, we can’t picture a scenario of a fishing magazine being at least to some degree threatened by the animal liberation movement, not when even in Denmark, undoubtedly of the more liberal countries in the world- sexism and the sexual politics of meat are so blatant with no concern to feminist reaction.

With such crude content tolerated in Danish culture what are the chances to ever radically turn Saudi Arabia? Or the entire fucking world?!


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