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Online Animal Rights Bullshit
« on: November 25, 2012, 10:01:58 AM »
I am very grateful I found this site.  Right now in South Korea, puppies and cats are being boiled alive.  Animals everywhere suffer some horror.  When I found the online AR community, I was so happy.  I had no friends do to my ethics(can't stand most people)and due to my own bad actions have lost everything including my family
What do I find, people online bickering.  Again, a bunch of egos wanting the power and control.  It also proves my theroy that humans are really incapable of unconditional love.  Everything that a person does serves some purpose for that person, myself included.  In my experience, AR activists were wounded as children and are now trying to make it right through their work with animals.  Fuck them all.
I must also admit that my mother was before her time.  Her beliefs although a little different are very similar to those I've seen here.  She basically wanted to kill all animals so that would never have to suffer and let the humans kill each other off.
I hope I can find a place here where I can help further the goal toward "Solution".  I am disappointed that the posts I see are so old.
Blessing all


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