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« on: July 09, 2011, 04:58:21 AM »
Hi there everybody, new here. I am currently a student living @ home w/parents. Very political/religious parents, mind you. They're the bad kind of religious/political as well. Anyhow, on to the actual subject: We have 4 pets here. 2 cats 2 dogs. They usually get along okay. Anyways though (haha sorry, i'm A.D.D.) one of the dogs (a mix, mostly mastiff though) has issues due to the conditions at this house. Ever watch Hoarders on t.v.? Our house is about like that, except dearest father hoards guns and ammo. We have one room in the house that is clean and well maintained, it is occupied. Charlie is the mastiff's name. Charlie is a female too, she's been spayed and also medicated on occasion. I'm extremely worried about Charlie though. She like about like a baboon because she chews her rear all the time( I wonder if there are parasites too sometimes). All of this could've been avoided by 1:taking care of the house (restoring it is only possible to a degree at this point because urine has saturated the (I forgot the exact word, I think I'll blame A.D.D.) panels under the floor. The whole house would have to be torn apart to completely fix it. One option has been moving. The problem is, how are the dogs and cats gonna be treated with that. Are they gonna continue to stay inside all day, and be consumed by boredom? That is very bad for them. I am not home all the time, but when I am, I try to take them on walks. The 2nd dog is named (similar to my username lol), Derpadog. In the past she was called Nancy, Barat (hungarian for friend, sometimes I call her that, and critter). We adopted her from an abused dogs home in Texas. She is a Hungarian Kuvasz. Fairly similar to the Great Pyrenees if you're not familiar. Derpadog is a very energetic dog, coming from a breed that was used for herding animals. Over mountains. I can't stand to see the animals suffering like this, they are under my parents' responsibility, which isn't very encouraging. Is there a way I could fix this? I am willing to spend as much money or to even go to court if I have a valid case. This is sad. Charlie's rear half has no hair, bleeds in spots, and has a purple/magenta color in some spots. Is it possible she got a spider bite? Or maybe parasites? All she does, I even stopped a couple times on my walks so Charlie could scratch her itch. I'm sorry if this is a wall of text, just took my meds for A.D.D., they make me try to figure out everything at once, you know? tl;dr: Dogs are in horrible shape, possible neglect case on my parents, maybe? House is a mess, full fleas, spiders and crap. Is there anything I can do besides continue this endless cleaning, and walking the dogs cycle? If I had a car and a job I would take them to the vet myself, but that is just what I am able to wish for. I don't see a rules page here so I am not sure what is allowed. Will not give more details (i.e. location) with out permission of admin or a visit to a rules page. Is there one? Oh, and if anyone sits through that wall of text, thanks you so much! Could you give advice on this?

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Re: Advice
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2011, 12:05:39 PM »
Mr. Derp

With perspective I'd advise you get a camera and take some snaps, choose some choice phrases, and then create an OOS supportive slideshow.

The way you are all living is not unique and compared to the vast majority of humans on this planet it is only a rare miracle that you as an individual actually give a damn about those who are suffering. To put salt in the wounds you'll probably find yourself hated by "normal" humans just because you do actually care and as we all know, caring gets in the way of "normal" humans predominant lust for suffer causing and profit. (Ultimate expression of caring is therefore the OOS)

Even if we waved a magic wand and could fix everything for you...Similar situations as your own would be happening next door to you, a street from you, a town from you, a city from you, a county from you, a state from you, a country from you, a world from you. And those people in those situations aren't even asking for advise because they just don't give a damn or suffering has become a normative existence to them or they even cause suffering to someone weaker than themselves in order to reduce their own suffering and would be resistant to altering that selfish state of being. (For example : It's a funny kind of 'love' most people claim to possess for horses while they're enslaving; castrating thus dis-empowering; starving; working; imprisoning; breaking and riding them. If someone suggested that these people's "USE" of horses is exploitative, abusive and wrong it would result in the same belligerance and violence being unleashed upon the accuser-educator as that which is unleashed upon the horse all his life - Nobody wants to give up their self satisfying egotistical power trip over others and they'll prove it by attacking and slandering anyone who suggests they exercise a little compassion or empathy with regards to 'their' slaves or even asks them to 'think' about the suffer they're causing)

We can alter the state of being that is the human animal once and for all and forever. There is only one solution.

OOS is a chill breeze to blow down the necks of those who laugh while they derive pleasure and profit from causing all manner of wanton suffering. Forget arguing with those people...Just say goodbye. Forever...and while they're laughing, they can experience the realisation that they're a great deal of the cause of OOS's existence. I doubt that knowledge will pluck a chord...even selfish arguments don't work.

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