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You were always on my mind
« on: October 02, 2009, 07:30:18 AM »
You were always on my mind is a genius slideshow from all aspects but what’s with the pregnant women and the sick baby?

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Re: You were always on my mind
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2009, 08:35:38 AM »
I was wandering how come there are no children as exploiters in any of the pairs pictures in this slideshow?
I think it’s a pity, because that way you could have emphasize that violent urges are not only picked up by the environment but pre-exist in every one of us.
I remember watching a BBC programme about early age aggression showing that the age group that uses the most violence are actually two years olds! Those observational studies are a very strong evident to the inherent violent nature of humans. Mostly because it says adult humans are very good at covering their violent tendencies. Babies have no social awareness so they act as they like, but as they grow older and find out bursting can lead to unwanted consequences they learn to restrain themselves or to use more subtle and complex means to cause harm.
I see no reason to believe we would make a change and defeat this aggression by explaining, where social pressure failed.

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Re: You were always on my mind
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2009, 11:23:12 AM »
Wow, it’s a really interesting study.
I’m sure the OOS don’t think of children as pure beings drawn down by society, this would lack basic logic. There are at least two slideshows all about kids as victimizers from what I had the chance to see so far (Children of the revolution and Future). And generally the aggressive and violent nature of humans (and nature itself) receives a lot of attention in this site.
I think You were always on my mind in particular is more about apathy than it’s about violence, which as we know can be even more dangerous

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Re: You were always on my mind
« Reply #3 on: October 05, 2009, 06:48:35 AM »
Definitely, I never had a doubt the ones behind those slideshows and this entire amazing site don’t recognize children for what they are I just thought they could have done a better job at pointing it out for others.

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Re: You were always on my mind
« Reply #4 on: October 05, 2009, 05:59:08 PM »
The indifference, egocentric and egoistic point of view that enables humans to carelessly consume products of torture on a daily basis, also enables them to make what is probably the most egocentric and egoistic decision in most of humans lives - to procreate.
Against their parenthood capabilities, against their resources condition, against genetic problems, against harms and ills and pain and stress and rape and depression and agony statistics, against history and against reason, every second 4.2 more babies are being born.
Parents don’t think about the child they think about themselves. People procreate to promote their happiness not the child’s happiness since he/she didn’t exist in the time the decision to create him/her was made and since sperm cells and ovules don’t feel pleasure and don’t feel pain. Humans want to feel needy and important, to feel like little gods of a 2-3 other humans, fill their hollowly lives, strengthen and maintain their routine and somber relationship, to give meaning to their meaningless lives, to have someone to take care of them when they are old, but they definitely don’t do it for the baby.

The point of the pregnant woman and the sick baby is to show how self centered and thoughtlessness procreation is. So many horrible things can and will happen to a baby born in this world, if everyone who considers to procreate would think these things over they wouldn’t do it. Just the thought that the baby on the right can be the baby of the wondering women on the left should convince her to reconsider if not totally forsake the idea.
Please watch the slideshow “one sperm cell” for that matter.

And all this is the most egocentric and egoistic reason not to take the most egocentric and egoistic decision. Of course the primal and main reason not to procreate is how much harm each baby will cause during his life time.

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Re: You were always on my mind
« Reply #5 on: October 08, 2009, 07:01:53 PM »
I watched "children of the revolution" and I thought it even goes further in creating the impression society is to blame for brainwashing youngsters into animal exploitation. But then I read the article "the wrong gender" and it’s just what I had in mind simple and clear.
Here is the relevant text from the article:
“Men are bombarded with violence on a daily basis. Humans glorify the role of the "macho" man through action movies, television, advertisements, violent video games and toys, pornography and more.
Just as traditional notions of femininity have influenced both the way women behave and the way they are expected to behave, men are victims of similar expectations, to be controlling, aggressive, physically strong, heterosexual, courageous and a financial provider.
From the earliest age, boys learn how to “be a man” from their, fathers, mothers, teachers, mentors, friends and other role models including the ones they find on television and in movies. Many studies have long ago proved that as opposed to what you might like to believe, boys don’t really need other men to teach them how to be machos. It is in their blood.
The genetic factor and not their intended role in society, is what leads children to pick “gender toys”. Again and again kindergarten children (even first timers who still don’t have favorite toys) pick their toys on a gender base, even when all kinds of toys are given to them. Furthermore, when girls get trucks and soldiers and boys get dolls and kitchenware, they are quickly bored and anxious to substitute to their natural toys. Boys play with guns, planes and other violent toys, they engage in “contact sports” that glorify violence and the ability to overcome the other team, they are expected to become ruthless and powerful business executives, destroying their competitors, they are encouraged to join the military and serve their countries by attacking “enemy” states or groups of people.”
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