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Discussions about specific materials / Easter 2015
« Last post by E.A.S on April 07, 2015, 02:01:01 AM »
In the spirit of Easter we made a new videoment about the world various egg themed games called 30 Hours Per Game

And this is an older article about another tragic symbol of this horrible festival

And speaking of which, you can learn about many other abusive festivals around the world in the article called Celebrating Suffering
Discussions about specific materials / New Year’s Day
« Last post by E.A.S on January 01, 2015, 02:44:55 AM »
Unfortunately the video we made for the New Year’s Day of 2013 is relevant just as much for 2015, and forth,and until our mission is accomplished
Discussions about specific materials / Re: We Thought We Saw It All
« Last post by E.A.S on October 30, 2014, 03:17:44 AM »
Sure. The first one with the huge built-in aquarium cabinet bed is a direct continuation of the former slideshow "Thought you've seen it all" and is a form of extreme objectification of fish for humans’ sick pleasures that we didn’t come across when we made it.

The second one is taken from a camels beauty pageant during a festival called Bikaner Camel Festival dedicated to the most exploited animal in the arid areas of the world. You can read more about it in the section of India in the article Celebrating Suffering

The third is taken from an annual skiing contest for animals, conducted by a Chinese ski site in Sanmenxia to attract human visitors on nonhumans’ expense, as usual.
You can read more about it in the article When it comes to suffering the ingenuity is limitless

The forth is of a new trend in zoos and "animal corners" around the world which invite humans to take pictures siting on the backs of wild animals. Of course the "wilder" and stronger the poor animal is the greater the thrill and sense of power and domination humans feel.

The fifth is taken from the annual heaviest pig contest during the Pigs of God Festival in Taiwan.
These pigs are kept in tiny enclosures and are force-fed for about two years, until they weigh 10 times more than their normal weigh. At some point they are incapable of standing. They often suffer from organ failure and pressure sores caused by lying down for long periods of time. To get them even fatter, some owners castrate the pigs without anesthesia.
Days before the contest, the pigs are force-fed sand and heavy metals like lead, to make them as heavy as possible. On the day of the festival, they are brutally dragged in front of a huge crowd, onto a scale to determine this year’s winner. After the scale, the pigs are publicly slaughtered in front of the thousands of spectators who are not empathic to the shrieking pigs. After the murder, the pigs are painted, put up on colorful floats and paraded around the city.

The sixth is of the donkey taxi-station in the village of Mijas in Malaga Spain. In many touristic areas around the world, especially in Spain and Greece, donkeys are used as live taxis. You can read more about it in the article When it comes to suffering the ingenuity is limitless

The Seventh is of a slot machine game for lobster catching, often called Lobster Zone cranes or the sub marine catcher. These torture machines are spread around restaurants, bars and hotels around the world. Some offer to cook the caught lobster on the spot, as another incentive as if one is needed.

The last one is of one of the thousands of bulls tortured in hundreds of villages around Spain during the annual festival Toro Jubilo. They are called Toro de Fuego (Bull of Fire) and each festival, to the joy of thousands of humans, they are violently forced to function as live torches and fireworks machines.
This festival is very popular in Catalonia (called there Bou Embolat), the region which recently banned bullfighting but "forgot" the rest of the bulls’ torturing rituals. Two months after the bullfighting ban the same panel (The tribune of the Parliament of Catalonia) voted to regulate and shield other bull torturing events (called Correbous) including the Bou Embolat.
Obviously the bullfighting outlaw was a political decision motivated by the autonomy aspiration of the Catalan nationalists advocating to segregate from Spain. They didn’t want to stop the abuse but to distinguish the Spanish torture style from theirs.

You can read more about Toro Jubilo in the section of Spain in the article Celebrating Suffering

And if you are interested in the Catalan bullfighting ban you can read a little bit more about it in the article Torture Education Institutions and the slideshow Political Compassion
General Discussion / DVD downloading
« Last post by E.A.S on October 29, 2014, 07:28:25 AM »
We have updated our DVD version of the website. The new file is now divided into 7 parts to ease the download. For the DVD page click here.
Discussions about specific materials / Re: Simply The Best
« Last post by Declaration of the end on October 28, 2014, 03:46:09 AM »
It was very difficult to watch it then and it is even harder now. Which in itself is a reason to annihilate the human race...
Discussions about specific materials / We Thought We Saw It All
« Last post by Declaration of the end on October 28, 2014, 03:45:00 AM »
Can you elaborate a little bit about the scenes in that slideshow
General Discussion / A significant update in the practical leads documents
« Last post by E.A.S on October 28, 2014, 03:35:58 AM »
We have recently significantly reedited the practical documents, especially the climatical ones, since it’s been a while but more importantly since we felt that graphic explanations could be very helpful in their case. You can find now explanatory images, graphs and videos along the articles.
Please read them even if you have and of course please read them you haven’t.
Methane Hydrates
Carbon Sinks
Volcanic Global Effects

Discussions about specific materials / Simply The Best
« Last post by E.A.S on October 26, 2014, 07:26:22 AM »

The video Simply The Best was made in attempt to present a 5 minutes glimpse of some of humans’ deeds in this world. It was long time ago so we decided to update it a little.
General Discussion / Re: The Amazing World of Animals
« Last post by E.A.S on October 26, 2014, 07:11:28 AM »
Although we have already commented in this forum on the news report regarding the: Truckload of cows flips over in Russia brought up by TCU along time ago, we decided to make a video based on that discussion. It is called Everything

And that was the original post:
As for the truck "accident" message…
Most people probably say, these cows are anyway on the way to the slaughterhouse, so what difference does it make...

Many people probably just laugh and maybe say wow! Holy cow! And the video would become another viral entertainment

Many people probably say that accidents happen, it is a shame but that’s part of life. What are the options? How else would the cows reach the slaughterhouse?

Some people probably say poor cows. Isn’t there another way to tie them inside the trucks or take care of these roads?

Much less people probably say that transportation is terrible. I have once seen animals being transported in a huge truck and it was horrible! The transportation conditions must be improved and much more responsible drivers must be hired for that job. Ones who can remember it is not vegetables they are carrying

Much much less people probably say that transportation is a sore evil and we all must eat only local food which is also healthier and better for the planet.

Just a tiny fraction of people probably say that the problem is not with the roads nor the irresponsible drivers or the transportation conditions and not even with the concept of transportation itself but with the concept of cows who are nothing but meat eaters’ property and it is for them which the transportation is done and so they are the problem. After all, trucks which don’t flip over end up in the slaughterhouse.

And there is you, who we hope understand that the problem is everywhere, in every moment, in every scene on this sufferingfull planet.
There are so many suffering elements in these 30 seconds, from the photographing car, to the road, the buildings, the street signs, the paint in the street signs, the traffic lights, the electricity operating them, the electricity stands electrifying birds, the restaurant on the left, the lampposts disturbing night animals, the electricity operating them and etc. everything has a price. The flipping over is an accident, but the rest is not. The problem in our world is everything.  
Discussions about specific materials / Celebrating Suffering
« Last post by E.A.S on October 26, 2014, 07:05:28 AM »
Since the beginning of human time they have forced nonhumans to serve them in various functions.  
The following article is about animals’ coercively function during humans’ festivals and holidays.
When we started to study the issue we didn’t know how extensive it is. We found out about hundreds of rituals with millions of victims every year.
And it is more than that. It was important to show that under the terrifying diversity of torturing practices (in some cases each village has its own torture version) there is a common denominator among them as nonhumans’ traditional role in all humans’ celebrations is to demonstrate humans’ superiority. Different cultures do, did and will exhibit and maintain their dominance and control in various ways. All the examples in the article, and unfortunately many more, are part of power and control celebrations and rituals of humans’ superiority over nonhumans.
Animal abuse during humans’ festivals and holidays also has a common denominator with all the other animal exploitation practices and that’s the essential point the article is trying to make.
Human relationship with nonhumans is not functional. Humans don’t exploit animals just because they think they need to, but because they know they want to. Eating is not only functional. Actually it is mostly not functional. And eating animal products is defiantly not a functional way to get all the nutrients humans need. Most humans don’t choose what to eat because of its nutritional values anyway, but because it is cheap, taste good or since they are used to eat it. Usually they chose the food that is all the three and it is usually animal based which also add a crucial element of power symbol, even if in many cases it’s subconscious. So goes for clothing. Wearing leather, wool and fur is also totally not a functional decision. They are solely status symbols of power and dominance and obviously not the best covering options.
Eating and wearing animals is a ritual, a statement, it is part of human culture, a subconscious declaration of dominance. It is easier to see it in this article because it deals with the explicit rituals of power and dominance, however the principle is the same with all the animal exploitations industries.
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