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"The suffering in factory farms is much more intense"

I'm not convinced that it is much more intense in a lot of cases.

Slowly dying from starvation over several weeks or months is certainly comparable to the suffering a chicken would experience in a factory farm... and I would estimate that at least a few hundred and probably thousands of nonhumans die from starvation every few seconds or so. You then have to include death from lack of water, disease, slow consumption via parasites etc. A hyena, say; that has part of its body ripped off but successfully escapes their attacker will endure intense pain for potentially large time periods - accompanied by a need for food, thirst etc; driven by fear and unable to rest - the horror this organism would endure I would estimate is also comparable to the constant suffering and misery of factory farming.

Many animals are also eaten slowly in freezing cold for hours upon hours which is likely more intense than most of the suffering endured on factory farms... but does not last for the same length of time.

"Either way we must find a way to stop all the suffering regardless of who is responsible for it. "

I agree - I just feel that you are under-selling the scale of suffering and horror that is incurred without humans. I would emphasis that humanity isn't an aberration in terms of cruelty; but is rather just one monstrosity in a long list of monstrosities.

A quick question: how did you derive the conclusion that the human species is responsible for the majority of the world's horror and suffering?

While I would agree that humanity is responsible for an outrageously disgusting amount of suffering; the total number of animals suffering in the “natural world” vastly exceeds the total number of animals suffering in factory farms, laboratories, circuses etc. I would have thought that the suffering of wildlife incurred from starvation, predation, disease etc would be noticeably greater in size than the accumulated weight of suffering humans impose on nonhuman animals (and each other).

Are you including events such as radioactive poisoning, or the poisoning of oceans via plastic; to conclude that humanity eclipses the horror that is incurred "naturally"?

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