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General Discussion / Re: The Most Important Massage Ever Voiced
« on: October 14, 2011, 03:43:29 PM »
My use of OOS materials will be dependent upon my access too and membership of an organisation that I do not believe to be fully functional at this moment. Given the uncertain social circumstances of those involved with the organisation - including myself - I can not be certain that I'll be participating.

The organisation intends to examine interactions, differences and similarities between co-evolved species and I intend to include a section stressing the imperative necessity of the plant based diet for moral, ecological, evolutionary and environmental reasons. With regards to interspecies "interaction" in the form of "factory farming" I propose to demonstrate that the enslavement and commodification of which human beings partake in, justify and profit from, sets an ever diminishing, regressive and detrimental standard of spiritual, ethical and intellectual integrity.

(Intelligent, free and moral individuals should not be puppets to psychotic and exploitative industry propaganda, unless of course those individuals aren't the intelligent, free and moral individuals human beings like to think of themselves as)

I also believe that as the incredible engine of perpetual injustice, mass genocide and mass enslavement continues to grind along its present trajectory (with the accompanying materialistic and Skinner/Descartes mindset whereby "possessions" are worth more than "living beings") this global state of affairs will result in the most empathic, compassionate and responsible human beings forgoing breeding, committing suicide and otherwise "checking out" of the social struggle for justice and equality. This leaves only the criminally insane (or just normal human beings) behind to continue breeding their "demon seed".

With such thoughts in mind, and for those who can empathise that far...An introduction to the OOS will become a step in the process of allowing the reader to comprehend the untenable position that suffer is forever inevitable; that life entails suffer by its very propagation, and that we're forever descending into a hellish and irredeemable form of "karmic debt" from the moment we're born.

Only a lazy, irresponsible and wholly self-serving form of life would not wish to instigate some form of "positive" action to pay a penance for their suffer inflictive actions (Consequences of being unfortunate enough to be born). I'm hoping that penance will precipitate by means of many methods, including;

+ In the form of non-complicity with capitalism's unsustainable "continual growth"
+ In the form of non-complicity with castes, class, speciesism, slavery and debt bondage.
+ In the form of non-complicity with corporate-government who perpetuate, encourage, justify and subsidise "suffer4profit" paradigms and social mores and whom dubb the mere philosophical debate of alternatives as "terrorist activity".

... and all the rest of such tripe we've all heard before. Such talk is spiel because it only asks us to recognise and slow down the process of global suffer for everyone, everywhere, whatever their species. Such talk does not end the suffer, nor does it solve the problems that other species are forced to contend with as they experience what can only be described as a daily torment.

I can work upon countless co-operative, anarchist social strata's that work towards social upliftment, high levels of education and ecological awareness (Thus negating poisonous hierarchical thought patterns, illuminating interdependence, and establishing equal "worth" for all life), egalitarian and consensual work programs, the replacement of the nuclear family with a co-operative, supportive "tribal" structure...

...and all the rest of such tripe we've all heard before.

I can encourage humans to think of their present actions in terms of how their presumably more enlightened children will come to perceive those actions in the future. With such thoughts one is therefore forced to the conclusion that they can not pollute the environment nor perform other short-term, short-sighted "bodges" (e.g. Nuclear Power, Cannon Fodder Producing Education Regimes, Fractional reserve programs as opposed to resource based economies, etc) that denigrate the chances for their own children to live autonomous, healthy and decent qualities of life.

(e.g. How can anyone with a forward thinking, progressive and ethical conscious sit in a closed room and smoke a cigarette while their own child is forced to breath in the toxins? If human beings as parents value themselves and their children with such scant regard and do not care about their own health and future they inevitably create a depressive atmosphere that is physically and mentally damaging for their children who absorb their parents 'vibe' which reverberates the message : 'Life is worthless', and harmful, hedonistic addictions that hurt others are more acceptable, more comfortable and 'easier' than taking responsibility for one's own actions)

None of these social change "solutions" stop the suffer. However, the journey of achieving those aims - at least for myself if nobody else - gives what life I have left to me a little selfish "I-did-the-best-I-could" solace, assuming of course I don't happen across a little red button in the mean time that throws this merry-go-round off its axis, once and for all.

NOTE : Ironically, if my 'social change' plans were followed it would likely take a protracted amount of time to fulfill the OOS. I recognise this, however, in the same way as "LSD From the Sky" is "an illusional example of how reality can change because you know that the chances to change reality with something real are zero." I also recognise that even common sense, "real" and easy-to-implement 'social change' solutions to societies problems - that even I could devise - are also illusional examples of how reality can change because I know that the chances to change reality with something real are zero. As a planetary citizen who has nothing to lose and everything to gain by reducing suffer and exploitation, my solutions are implementable "common sense", alas, to the exploiters who sit atop the hierarchical pyramid of power and hold all the cards...they have everything to lose by employing common sense solutions and so therefore common sense solutions will never prevail. Due to the nature of humanity as a social animal, those exploiters will inevitably rise to the top of the social pyramid that human beings - by the recursive pattern of their genetic programming - will inevitably create over, and over, and over again.

NOTE : The organisation I intend to share OOS material with will not permit free-speech and philosophical perspectives to be removed from the internet without long-winded legal conflict. If anything, any action - the more draconian the better - taken against the OOS and their tenets will only strengthen the OOS case and bring such plans and the reasoning behind them further forward to public attention. Authoritarian government - as well as authoritarian religion - does NOT want "the people" to realise that they have ultimate power over their reality. Any Orwellian authority that attempts to control and filter the potential of our ability to employ conceptual symbols in our communicative thought-processes deserves to be removed by any means necessary and with extreme prejudice.

NOTE : Consider the use of decentralised and anonymous Darknet and Torrent technology to "spread the word".

NOTE : Circular thinking (The Greater Whole or Law of One) asks that we do not outright condemn individuals for who and what they become. Creating a metaphorical microcosm of a village; the village comes together and perceives "difference" in the individuals born to the village, and asks : "How did we create this situation whereby certain individuals are deeply unhappy living with us?".

Everyone on this planet must ask : "How did we create the OOS?".

It is no good to bury heads in the ground...The human race created the OOS out of a need to stop suffer and is perhaps the ultimate demonstration of love and compassion ever conceived. The OOS is as much a philosophy as it is a real and rational solution to a hellish reality fraught with undeniable pain, anguish and suffer.

If it weren't for battery cages, factory farms, supermarkets loaded with blood, guts, carnage and the products of slaves born to lives of eternal misery and bondage. If it wasn't for materialism, hedonism and fraudulent, hierarchical power-hungry authorities, religions and governments whom prey upon the ignorant, the weak, and those who lack the strength, arms and technology with which to defend themselves. If it wasn't for the lies, the deceit, the self-righteous justifications made by slave-holders for their heinous acts of cruelty, torture and debasement of living beings. If it wasn't for the constant pain, suffer, anguish, misery and cruelty that life entails, and the tortuous and inevitable deaths that the existence of life makes possible...

Perhaps the OOS would never have been born.

It was. The OOS was born. With a good reason.

Because it really is the one and the only solution to the greatest and most diabolical catastrophe ever to grace this reality we're capable of perceiving. The catastrophe that is life itself and the misfortune of being born into an existence so incredibly tragic and morally inconceivable that our very psychologies - upon being born in this place - are forced to ever progressively numb us to the tortuous suffer of mere existence, from our very first day of coming into being.

What kind of world is this? It's Hell, surely. What else could it be?

General Discussion / Re: The Most Important Massage Ever Voiced
« on: October 13, 2011, 08:59:56 AM »
The theory we're working with at the OOS suggests that while life exists there will be many and varied forms of exploitation taking place among those lifeforms that will inevitably lead to some degree of suffer.

In any social group there will be one or more individuals who possesses more testosterone; more aggression; more psychosis or more lust who will strive to force or cajole others into doing his/her bidding by one means or another. Someone "weak" is always getting "squashed" in order to elevate and satiate the ego and desires of someone "stronger".

When a tyrant becomes too dominating, a war takes place, leading to yet more suffer. The crazies who lead the charge whom didn't want to be dominated are now the dominator's and tend to adopt the vices of their enemies given time. They're merely obeying the patterns of their genetically programmed biological imperatives to establish social order and control.

(While maintaining power, those at the top of the social pyramid of power possess an opportunity to skim ever progressive amounts of "cream" from the efforts of their subordinates with which to fuel their vices - this means they're taking more than their fair share of resources which leads those on lower rungs of the social pyramid to follow the example set by their social "leaders", e.g. Communists hoarding resources from their "comrades" in order to profit and become "leaders" at a time when Capitalism is re-established)

Even if we go our separate ways and abandon the hive; Every move we make, every breath we take as individuals is part and parcel of the great engine of suffer operating upon this planet.

We chop down trees to make our homes and build fences to protect our gardens. Those trees are homes to other forms of life therefore with even the best will in the world we still cause harm for those lives and for the tree. The tree is no longer able to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and we've therefore broken the deepest and most sacred symbiotic relationship possible upon the planet by harming that tree. If we're able to justify harming those who sustain us, our mother so to speak, then we've take a step towards finding it acceptable to be the perpetrators of ever greater harm. If we numb the pain of our actions and engage a form of psychotic indifference then we cease to be sensitive to "the golden rule". It's all a downhill slide from there.

As we tramp around we walk upon insects. We cause cave-ins at the homes of ants and crush them under our feet.

We come into conflict with other forms of life and may be forced to effect suffer in order to defend ourselves, our children, or "our" foraging territory...or suffer may be inflicted upon us as others attempt to take and control what we would like to call "ours". If we survive conflict and accede our "conquerors superiority" then we may be forced to relocate to less fertile lands where we may become plagued by ailments and disease due to worsening nutrition and climate which in turn lessens our chances of surviving further physical conflicts and adverse weather.

There isn't just a great deal of physical suffering involved in such conflicts, but physiological and emotional trauma also. Feelings of failure, depression, lack of confidence, hatred, rage...

It may be possible to make certain alliances with other forms of life which will break the loneliness and could offer greater survival prospects, but such relationships take a great deal of time and patience to formulate which we may not have, and they require us to let down our guard as we let other alien strangers come into close contact with us in order to interact. A social struggle will likely take place where the two beings attempt to "size each other up" and physical conflict can enter the equation, and we have to ask ourselves : Is it worth it?

We could die or be severely injured during social conflict meaning we loose strength with which to survive and defend ourselves for days or even weeks. The chances are that any social group we join operates a hierarchical social "pecking order" and that if we're accepted into a social group we will likely be "at the bottom" of the social order, and to socially climb (As we're genetically programmed to do) we will be forced to engage in contests of will and strength that leads to suffer in one form or another for someone.

Then there will be ideological differences in the "tribe" that make living in the group or society intolerable for some individuals, and the "tribe" may split into two groups, and the contest of will and strength now becomes war between entire "tribes" often leading to brutal bloodshed, objectification of others and thus depravity.

For everyone. Everyday. Each and every minute entails suffer.

We can remove ourselves from as much of that suffer as possible, or even remove ourselves from it to an incredibly great degree so that the suffer is not "in our name"...but by not aggressively fighting against the hive that subsidises, propagates, profits from, and condones suffer, we permit those injustices from which we seek to escape to continue unabated.

If you fight the injustice...then you're now considered a terrorist by the human hive who profit from those injustices. If you're considered a terrorist then you lose your freedom and even your identity and "rights" as a "human being". Then you get put into a hive called prison where all those things I've mentioned above become an inescapable reality. You have to trample or be trampled upon. You have to inflict suffer or have suffer inflicted upon you, and that's merely talking about the other beings who you share your prison with...what about those with the guns who have absolute authority upon you? - (The Lucifer Effect | P. Zimbardo -

That's the reality we must face. That's the reality that we and every living being upon this earth must acknowledge as the truth.

Is it all worth it? Are our lives and the conclusions of them worth the suffer we cause and the suffer we experience? Is all the technology and the religion and the morality humans dream up nothing more than extensions of our inbuilt desire to justify the effectuation of suffer upon others? Do we wish to make spaceships only in order to dominate, populate and enslave the beings of other planets and suck those worlds dry of resources?

NOTE : I've attempted to structure this post to analogue for other species societies also. e.g. The incident whereby an elephant is shot to death merely for "breaking free" from the tyranny imposed upon him/her could analogue to the seemingly indomitable power of human governments that create such social control structures as the AETA. The AETA is a "crime against nature" insofar as it makes the fundamental feeling of natural empathy (That most species possess, probably with the help of mirror neurons) with those who suffer injustice, a criminal offence. Is it a criminal offence to feel empathy with those who suffer? Is it a criminal offence to attack and flee those who beat and beat and beat and beat you...

General Discussion / Re: flexitarians
« on: October 13, 2011, 08:40:05 AM »
I was rather taken by LaVeck's work over at HumaneMyth.

LaVeck's intention I believe is not to "tell people what to do" with regards to "their" diet, but rather to provide the information that demonstrates how the ignorant masses are being duped and exploited by a psychotic "industry" who wish to convert suffer into a profitable and commercial commodity.

It's an interesting "tack" to acknowledge that the greater majority of humans possess no intrinsic morality, and therefore they focus instead upon making people feel intellectually bereft for being so naive, gullible and blind as to be manipulated so easily by exploiters.

The latest production from LaVeck emphasises the English slave trade and how the means by which slavery was abolished back then equates with the contemporary condition of slavery as it stands now for other species. Discussed is not only the methods employed by abolitionists, but the slave-holder counter-attacks.

For instance. During a period of anti-slavery activism, the slave-holders produced a theatre piece entitled "The Benevolent Planters", and I'll caption : " which two black lovers, separated in Africa, end up living on adjoining plantations in the West Indies and are reunited by their kindly owners"

"Flexitarians" are somewhat like the people who are charmed - or who allow themselves to be charmed - by such despicably callous, sickening and transparent drivel.

"I'm a good flexitarian person because I actually engaged my empathy for a couple of minutes worth of my life and thought I wouldn't support slavery...SQEE! but when someone tells me what I really want to hear and makes me feel special I'll just forget about empathy and jam my greedy fat hands up a corpse's arse and thrust it down my wretched fucking corpse-hole!. A bit of slavery here...A bit of suffer there...who cares? TEE-HEE"

General Discussion / Re: The Most Important Massage Ever Voiced
« on: October 11, 2011, 07:17:59 PM »
Thank you for favouring my admittedly ill-conceived post with such an incredibly powerful, educated and charismatic response. It's much appreciated.

I will try to answer with more detail at a later time - with an attempt to reciprocate respect, your response deserves a great deal of attention.

Another Question : I possess a copy of all the OOS text documents, including forum posts. Would the OOS grant permission for the re-posting of these documents in alternative venue, both for reasons of safe-keeping and discussion? I would take great care to ensure that referrer links and credit are always given directly to the OOS. I would also be willing to formulate and collate any constructive discussion and/or criticism into posts for the OOS to observe and respond too as and if they'd like.

General Discussion / Re: The Most Important Massage Ever Voiced
« on: September 12, 2011, 12:33:27 PM »
Greetings OOS

In my opinion your "No-Prisoners, No-Compromise" message is an extremely powerful weapon with which to point at the human population and consequently open their eyes to the diabolical engine of suffer that they are complicit in cranking each and every day, either by directly participating in mass genocide and exploitation - or are at least complicit in by not rebelling against a system that commodifies living beings. (Including humans of course)

I must admit that I'm personally not quite ready to accept the incredible enormity of the pure "solution", (Not because I've some inbuilt contempt for such a plan but rather the sheer scale of moral consequence for such a solution I find to be quite overwhelming - it will take time to come to terms with) but I most certainly believe that every single human being on Earth must be made to face up to the truth of what is going on.

A great deal of that truth is right here at this website. It truly is a fantastic and mind expanding (shattering) experience.

I have a question for the OOS developers.

I'd like to include a document I favour for its attempt to construct a positive outlook on the human potential of diverse opinion and culture. The reading of the document will hopefully set the stage for my question.

The question is :

If we had been birthed into a society and upon a world whereby;
There is no war and no famine; There is no government and authority constantly applying stressors, laws and regulations; There is no property or territory issues so that individuals and groups can easily found their own cultures and belief systems and grow their own food with no fear of attack or dispossession from other groups....There is no economy that asks us to squeeze the life out of other living beings on lower rungs of social hierarchy in order to profit our greed and ego; No supermarkets and their shelves lined with products dripping of suffer... You get the picture...

Perhaps a Sci-fi Utopia of some sort.

Imagine if human beings were typically enlightened, egalitarian and were not tainted by selfishness, power structures, capitalist economic models, "What-I've-Got" is more important than "What-I-Am" paradigms, false belief systems, etc

... Such humans may perhaps be primitivist fruitarians (Perhaps Plants feel pain and should possess rights...but I've a suspicion that their fruits are designed to be attractive to herbivores and therefore to be eaten?) and/or use decentralised, renewable, green and sustainable technologies that have no "built-in-obsolescence".

I accede the point that human beings must still "take" something from the Earth as part and parcel of their very existence, and that they will still harm other living beings and themselves to some extent even with the best will in the world not to do so...and I accede that other living beings upon Earth will also continue to love, and continue to harm each other...

The point is that if human beings actually "tried" to do the right thing with their lives - a thing I feel they're capable of doing...and possessed open minds and open hearts with which to "see" the "right" thing in everything they do, and possess no ulterior agenda by which they might be motivated not to do so...Or imagine there was a day of rain all over the planet that sprayed liquid LSD from the sky and the human race had a mass awakening overnight and all thought simultaneously : "What the hell have I done!!! Down with Big Brother - Down with authority - Down with arrogance, cruelty, prejudice, exploitation and pain and suffer and profit"

{and all the other species thought "What the hell have I done!!! Down with humanity - Down with their chains and their beatings and egotistical screeching - 4 legs good, 2 legs bad}

If this were the case, the question is...would the OOS ever have been born?

Even if the "perfect" world still contained suffering and pain...was it the sheer "degree" of world suffering and pain, and the sheer "wantonness" of it and the sneering grins of human beings who thrive and profit from suffer, that founded the OOS?

I ask this, because for my own part...It's not so much the existence of suffer and death in the world that psychologically harms me...It's the wantonness of human beings going out of their way to perpetuate and justify suffer, and the human beings pleasure in causing such pain that bothers me. When human beings justify suffer for their own pleasure, or because they want to believe suffer is "natural" (Though what the F*CK is natural about a concentration camp and iron chains I'll never know)...that to me is when the OOS becomes an extremely attractive option, because if the majority of human beings justify a hedonistic lifetime of destroying, "taking" and murdering because they're too lazy and spiritually bereft to "give" and plant seeds with which to birth new life...then what is the point in existing at all?

We all "take" to some extent and some of us try to "give" in some way, whatever our species...but it's the human beings who "take" in order to satisfy a desire to dominate others and satiate their ego that really makes me feel the OOS could well be a morally viable option. If the human race as a whole can not act beyond the moral proclivity nor social genetic patterning of a destructive bacteria colony and arrogantly hides behind a God that in their image tells them to take slaves and rape women, then...really...what is the point in an existence like that?

If human beings never question reality...and while not doing so only seek to perpetuate a life of wanton suffer, then perhaps they may as well not exist.

Discussions about specific materials / Harvesting Sexual Organs And Emission
« on: September 12, 2011, 11:06:08 AM »
Couple of ideas for an OOS video? I'll probably produce something along these lines myself at some point, but I'd like to see the OOS take on this. Your mileage may vary and I'll "chuck you in at the deep end", as they say :


It seems bizarre that other species are somehow considered "dirty" and "immoral" where they and especially their sexuality is concerned, and yet when that sexuality can be made to profit human beings, other species are suddenly considered "clean" and the culturally programmed "repugnance" washes off. It's even something to make fun of. Lets just observe a crude example.

If somebody jacks off an Equine or some other species because it's mutually fun or "gives" the recipient pleasure (Is it really doing any harm to anybody?) then that human will thereafter be considered among the worst "abusive" scum of the Earth (Even if they're vegan) and likely receive criminal charges, not to mention social ostracism. The other species involved will likely get murdered by polite society in order to spite all concerned. His own life doesn't intrinsically count unless he is "worth" something to an illusion, I mean industry. At the very least his body will be mutilated {Insert innumerable human justifications for castration here}

However if that Equine or other species is "noble" and therefore "worth" something to an industry, jacking him off in order to obtain his emission is no longer considered "abuse" as long as no pleasure or social relationship with him is involved. It's just business to "take" something from him without "giving". No moral issues there, right?

The majority of human beings refuse to see other species as living, breathing individuals who possess heart and mind.
The majority of human beings continue to justify exploitation, commodification, concentration camps, suffering and torture. (Humans don't just "turn a blind eye" to suffer, they actually expend energy in creating lies with which to justify it)

A human being who claims a plant based diet is good for the environment, physical and societal health and for the well being of other species is labelled "self righteous".
A human being who claims that other species can take part in mutually affectionate, two-way relationships is labelled a sociopathic, psychotic "self serving" dominator of a "sex toy".

In both cases...Human beings fail to perceive that other species even "exist" as individuals, let alone that they can be affectionate, loving and autonomous "people" with tastes, personalities, kinks, quirks, wishes, desires, intentions, fates, futures, dreams and hopes. It would seem that other species on earth possess no intrinsic worth as individuals, at least according to the majority of human kind.

Human beings ignore the science that suggests other species (particularly mammals) are different by degree and not in kind, and share a great proportion of similarities in genetic structure and neurological foundations. They ignore this because it's profitable to ignore it. Ignorance has always been and always will be a profitable state of being to perpetuate within a capitalist system.



The Goat-gland Transplantation, by Sydney B. Flower and John R. Brinkley

Some conclusions of this document follows on from ISSUE #1 insofar as other species are somehow considered "dirty" and "disgusting" except for where profit from the theft of their lives, body parts or emissions is concerned. It would seem that other species are only considered "clean" when they are the "property" of "good" humans. And "good" humans it would seem, do not consider the lives of others to possess value. Irony? Cynicism? Sadly not.

Fantastically Cynical Quotes:

"The cures that I have effected by gland transplantation up to the present time are enough to justify me for all of my work and efforts along this new line of science. Should I never operate again, I feel justly repaid and know that I have started something that will go on and on and live forever. Gland transplantation for the cure of disease within the next ten years will be as common as the removal of a diseased appendix is now. You can hardly pick up a daily paper without reading an account of some surgeon performing a wonderful operation of transplanting bone or tissue from some animal to replace that which was diseased in the human. Why not borrow what we need from the animal? We use their flesh for food. We also use their gland substances in the fresh or dried form to supply our bodies with whatever we may not possess."

"Dr. Brinkley’s operation to-day is a marvel, a wonder and a joy. There is a satisfaction in being in the van. It is fine to be the first to do a big thing, especially if that big thing is something of the most practical value to humanity. Mankind has always crowned its great generals, its great destroyers of life. Here is a man who comes forward to preserve life. That is his mission, if you like. Certainly it is his life work. It is a noble work."



Chimeras and Hybrids (Human-Other Species) are deliberately and quite cynically being "created" solely because these mutant un-beings possess "no rights" whatsoever, and thus can be exposed to the most degrading, painful and inane physiological and psycho-social tortures without peer. Creating these beings requires live material, namely "host" mothers and "eggs".

Mother "Host Banks" (Frank Herbert's Axoytl Tanks?) and Egg "donor" Harvesting seems to be a fine reason to proclaim the OOS I think. I apologise for my lack of learning upon this subject and I do intend to write up these circumstances in more detail at some point, but for now...I thought the OOS might like to take a crack at this.

We face this same situation whereby all other species are considered so intrinsically and contemptuously "inferior" and "filthy" that they do not deserve to be treated as sentient beings...It's often illegal and even socially / culturally "repugnant" to form relationships with other species, and not because the other species matter, but because other species are considered "dirty" and "inferior" and human beings can't face the fact that this might be a convenient lie that if uncovered could collapse their hierarchical spiritual pedestals and destroy the chain of being.

And yet...As soon as exploitation and profit enters the arena...all those cultural values, those religious values, the law...becomes worthless before the wanton face of effecting suffer. We have 99% Human and 1% genetically modified Bovine children becoming acceptable for - and because of - the PROFIT - and because - Creating a creature that can feel as does a human, but can be tortured with no compunction nor moral concern is a highly desirable circumstance profitable to psychotic abusers who relish suffer.

Discussions about specific materials / Re: Advice
« on: July 16, 2011, 12:05:39 PM »
Mr. Derp

With perspective I'd advise you get a camera and take some snaps, choose some choice phrases, and then create an OOS supportive slideshow.

The way you are all living is not unique and compared to the vast majority of humans on this planet it is only a rare miracle that you as an individual actually give a damn about those who are suffering. To put salt in the wounds you'll probably find yourself hated by "normal" humans just because you do actually care and as we all know, caring gets in the way of "normal" humans predominant lust for suffer causing and profit. (Ultimate expression of caring is therefore the OOS)

Even if we waved a magic wand and could fix everything for you...Similar situations as your own would be happening next door to you, a street from you, a town from you, a city from you, a county from you, a state from you, a country from you, a world from you. And those people in those situations aren't even asking for advise because they just don't give a damn or suffering has become a normative existence to them or they even cause suffering to someone weaker than themselves in order to reduce their own suffering and would be resistant to altering that selfish state of being. (For example : It's a funny kind of 'love' most people claim to possess for horses while they're enslaving; castrating thus dis-empowering; starving; working; imprisoning; breaking and riding them. If someone suggested that these people's "USE" of horses is exploitative, abusive and wrong it would result in the same belligerance and violence being unleashed upon the accuser-educator as that which is unleashed upon the horse all his life - Nobody wants to give up their self satisfying egotistical power trip over others and they'll prove it by attacking and slandering anyone who suggests they exercise a little compassion or empathy with regards to 'their' slaves or even asks them to 'think' about the suffer they're causing)

We can alter the state of being that is the human animal once and for all and forever. There is only one solution.

OOS is a chill breeze to blow down the necks of those who laugh while they derive pleasure and profit from causing all manner of wanton suffering. Forget arguing with those people...Just say goodbye. Forever...and while they're laughing, they can experience the realisation that they're a great deal of the cause of OOS's existence. I doubt that knowledge will pluck a chord...even selfish arguments don't work.


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