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Animal suffering makes the only one solution unquestionable in my eyes but this South African story is just another proof (not that one is still needed) showing that all the shitness and suffering caused to humans by their fellow kind is in itself enough.

for example…

General Discussion / Re: Enslave Them To Save Them
« on: May 05, 2013, 03:07:26 AM »
Start to finish, this story is entirely speciesist and oppressive. This outrageously ridicules ceremony came “to raise public awareness of the need to conserve locally bred buffaloes which face a bleak future” for humans aims and the buffalos are solely means
but for the sake of it…
It again tells how even when trying to do something that is allegedly good humans cause huge harm - simply by completely failing to notice the animals' basic needs. Those poor buffalos are forced to stand there, I fear to guess for how long- totally disoriented , surrounded by hustle and noise, being dragged using a rope which goes through their pierced noses.
That's the treatment buffalos get when the intention is for them to be saved

General Discussion / Re: Comments and Quotes
« on: May 05, 2013, 12:37:48 AM »
It's easy to slightly wave it away saying MrJoshua2626 is not a representative of all people, but if it's true, it is so only in how they talk the talk-not how they walk the walk.  It is so mainly regarding what people say (or don't say), but it hardly matters what people say- it's important what they do, and in their actions, people are truly like MrJoshua2626.
Animals don’t read youtube comments, for them it doesn’t matter how many likes a video got or whether some jerk like MrJoshua2626 was attacked by another user for his expressed vulgar opinions (which again, don’t worth a cent as opposed to his actions in which he's not that different than most humans but actually quite representative).

Maybe the intention behind this thread is to present voices like MrJoshua2626 but for example the infuriating image from I am the weapon message might not be relatable by many people but plenty others would find it amusing and most of the ones who don’t (because they oppose hunting) are eating meat from factory farms which is a lot worse. Hypocrisy rules. Everything is solely outwardly of caring and morality but actually the differences aren't that big, maybe only in terms of political correctness , not in actions. As TCU writes in the opening message…at least they are being honest... Most of the others are assholes with hypocrisy coating.

Animal suffering is so insignificant and unimportant that even the girl from How do I get my boyfriend to stop abusing animals doesn’t give up on her boyfriend even though she defines him herself…"You beat the shit out of terrified animals when you’re pissed off". Would these be the comments in the case of a murder? If he was a Nazi? A rapist? Even if he was "only" a declared racist or "merely" an outspoken fascist the comments and advises would be totally different.

And with that in mind, just read the endless stream of self assured comments to Attenborough’s rather banal analogy of humanity to a plague. Over 2000 eager members of the human defense league...

Humans are Nazis. Nothing’s new here. Farmers are doing it all the time for years, now a particularly sadistic one found another way of making profit out of animals by reaching other sadists like himself  Does it really make any difference ? It’s still happening all the time.   
Doesn’t matter to the animals who causes them this abuse so it shouldn’t matter to us. 

Discussions about specific materials / Re: STAMP COLLECTION
« on: May 02, 2013, 07:00:37 AM »
"Just a perfect day...feed animals in the zoo, then later a movie too and then home".

That  line in this song is a classic example of the extreme assimilation of speciesism.
Humans are so used to seeing imprisoned animals that it seems entirely natural and obvious that not only most don’t demand their freedom, but their confinement is part of what a Perfect day looks like.

Discussions about specific materials / Re: Decoration
« on: May 02, 2013, 12:51:50 AM »
If you're right and these kinds of random shocks every now and then are enough for carnivores to keep their set of moral principles and ease the diminutive amount of guilt regarding the tormenting lives they maintain, then…

Discussions about specific materials / Re: Occupied Territory
« on: May 01, 2013, 09:15:48 AM »

Add to this deeply depressing statement from Hal Herzog:
"Sometimes humans feel a need to prove they are the dominant species on this planet by taking a two-ton metal vehicle and squishing a defenseless creature under the tires"
This one:
"They aren't thinking, really. It is not something people think about. It just seems fun at the time. It is the dark side of human nature".

Though given in a narrow context, his sharp and straightforward description is true in relation to most if not all of life areas, not just driving in which humans’ aggressive temper is more easily noticed than in other parts of life, but the "need to prove they are the dominant species on this planet" presents itself in a first class delicacy restaurant just as much. It's just much more subtle.

General Discussion / Re: The Amazing World of Animals
« on: April 30, 2013, 11:37:28 AM »
This world is so fucked up that even when it comes to endangered species and all the more so- a great ape like an Orangutan, an animal you would expect to be long ago protected from human atrocities, stories like that keep appearing.
But this happens even though public opinion is generally sympathetic (selfish and egocentric as humans are, they don’t wish an Orangutan to be shot 62 times). But it is incontrollable, it doesn’t seem possible to stop the next crime, even though how very easy it is to relate to that story. First of all he's a primate, he's got a name and a face and he lived in nature where he was caught to be traded for illegally (and people like to stick to the law) then he was rescued by a local conservation group and released back to nature, only to be caught again by local villagers who severely abused him including shooting him 62 times. This story got everything in it to burn down this village but what most people would do is comment furiously on the story or write a status about how they hope whoever did this is caught and rote in jail. After they’ll find out the perpetrators only got 6 months and would probably actually serve half the time, they would cry it's an outrage and that they should’ve got life! but not going to do anything else about this or any other abuse story, not even the one that's being portrayed in their own refrigerator.
If you think the argument that only for Leuser this world should be destroyed is far too radical, how about the argument that there are a lot like him which you don’t know about, not to mention billions of creatures of less attractive kinds- creatures like Boris the bull whose story was given on the thread Comments and Quotes. People of the best humanity got to offer rescued Boris from the hell he was living in and despite all of their tremendous and touching efforts they couldn’t help him and he died as consequence of the horrible life he had. 
People read such stories, get furious, emotional and full of rage- but do nothing, not about Leuser, not about boris, and not about anyone else. And the little who do are a drop in the ocean. That's really depressing.

Discussions about specific materials / Re: Nudity
« on: April 30, 2013, 09:39:34 AM »
Even in our wildest dreams, we can’t picture a scenario of a fishing magazine being at least to some degree threatened by the animal liberation movement, not when even in Denmark, undoubtedly of the more liberal countries in the world- sexism and the sexual politics of meat are so blatant with no concern to feminist reaction.

With such crude content tolerated in Danish culture what are the chances to ever radically turn Saudi Arabia? Or the entire fucking world?!

Actually I’m not sure this organization fits the type the article  (on which the thread’s name is based) tries to confront. I say this cause even without getting into speculations of the fate of lands about to be privatized (as this organization absurdly suggests) or into the principle idea stating that lands can be owned and managed by private people. their anthropocentric view doesn’t need to be exposed as it couldn’t be more out there. There’s no doubt what's animals place in the universe, according to them- hung on a fishing hook or through rifle scopes…

The article aims to expose that behind the environmentalists approach stands a very anthropocentric worldview. Environmentalists that consume animals based products were criticized for their double standards, hypocrisy and inconsequence. But with the case here there’s nothing to expose- that’s how much they’re far behind. While the animal rights movement expect them to at least ban factory farms for their enormous environmental harm, these assholes are suggesting privatizing lands which are supposed to be commons and offer them for camping (along with the rubbish, noise and light pollution and taking over of habitats) and of course hunting and fishing.

Discussions about specific materials / Re: Robots
« on: April 28, 2013, 07:21:40 AM »
Problem is, it suggests an equal fate and lives between humans and animals under the oppressing hands of technology… and I think while there's some similarity, the differences are much much greater.
There's a part about it in the FAQ -it's in Social revolutions are possible. Don’t you believe a revolution in the way society seize nonhuman animals is possible?  Not exactly about technology mastery or the state of humans and non-humans in the modern world, but about the repeatedly used false comparison between human slaves and animals salves. Anyway the conclusion is the same, it's just incomparable.

Discussions about specific materials / Re: Decoration
« on: April 28, 2013, 04:35:15 AM »
I’ve gone through the Dress made from 3,000 cow and yak nipples comments and apparently many of this article’s commenters critically wonder what's the difference between nipples use and the use of any other body part? They actually agreed with the dress’ designer claims: "The people criticising are clearly clueless about the amount of leather wasted on a daily basis". generally speaking, animal liberation people are not as shocked by a story such as this as we are aware of the amount of leather wasted on a daily basis. more importantly we focus on the living and not on the dead. Those 3,000 cows probably couldn't care less what humans do with their bodies. In fact after they die they no longer care about anything,. Corpse sanctification is a human thing only.
animal rights activists I know don’t geography morality, they don’t divide body parts into holy vs. usable bits. They care about whole creatures. If the animals don’t care what happens after they die, neither should we.

For this story to mean something to us, the use of nipples specifically needs not only to be somehow worse than the use of any other body part but also that the use of their body parts, any body part, after they are dead, somehow hurts them at all.
But we're far more rational about it (and in general) than the average meat eater. Activists fail to see the harm in the specific use of nipples and in the use of body parts of animals after they are dead, in itself. they not only see the harm in the wider context- they live it every day. Our perception is much more mature and rational.
we dignify cows while they're still alive and not only when they're corpses and couldn’t care less.  bunch of weirdoes, eh?  

Everything with this company looks stunningly intelligent and rationalistic. Completely scientific, clinical, modernistic and inventive. State of the art labs as they call it.
But this furbished, bright white website is a sterile cover for what is ultimately- violently grabbing sentient creatures and raping them.

Discussions about specific materials / Re: Leather wearing vegetarians
« on: February 01, 2010, 12:20:55 PM »
Yea. You can eat meat but not in my name…

General Discussion / The Most Important Massage Ever Voiced
« on: January 20, 2010, 05:03:02 AM »
Just want to say thank you for putting down in clear inescapable arguments the strong notion I’ve carried since day one of activism
You are delivering the most important massage ever voiced!       
Don’t let flaming massages get to you, for every couple of loud morons there’s one that quietly go over the site absorbing every picture and word and they are the ones that really matter in the end (that I share your hope that will soon to come…)  
I’m sure this site changed the life of many activists. I can tell you it turned my and my friends’ life around. It wasn’t the first time we were exposed to the idea of course and as I said I am thinking it and murmur it for ages but as you know- words mean nothing action is everything.

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