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Discussions about specific materials / Harvesting Sexual Organs And Emission
« on: September 12, 2011, 11:06:08 AM »
Couple of ideas for an OOS video? I'll probably produce something along these lines myself at some point, but I'd like to see the OOS take on this. Your mileage may vary and I'll "chuck you in at the deep end", as they say :


It seems bizarre that other species are somehow considered "dirty" and "immoral" where they and especially their sexuality is concerned, and yet when that sexuality can be made to profit human beings, other species are suddenly considered "clean" and the culturally programmed "repugnance" washes off. It's even something to make fun of. Lets just observe a crude example.

If somebody jacks off an Equine or some other species because it's mutually fun or "gives" the recipient pleasure (Is it really doing any harm to anybody?) then that human will thereafter be considered among the worst "abusive" scum of the Earth (Even if they're vegan) and likely receive criminal charges, not to mention social ostracism. The other species involved will likely get murdered by polite society in order to spite all concerned. His own life doesn't intrinsically count unless he is "worth" something to an illusion, I mean industry. At the very least his body will be mutilated {Insert innumerable human justifications for castration here}

However if that Equine or other species is "noble" and therefore "worth" something to an industry, jacking him off in order to obtain his emission is no longer considered "abuse" as long as no pleasure or social relationship with him is involved. It's just business to "take" something from him without "giving". No moral issues there, right?

The majority of human beings refuse to see other species as living, breathing individuals who possess heart and mind.
The majority of human beings continue to justify exploitation, commodification, concentration camps, suffering and torture. (Humans don't just "turn a blind eye" to suffer, they actually expend energy in creating lies with which to justify it)

A human being who claims a plant based diet is good for the environment, physical and societal health and for the well being of other species is labelled "self righteous".
A human being who claims that other species can take part in mutually affectionate, two-way relationships is labelled a sociopathic, psychotic "self serving" dominator of a "sex toy".

In both cases...Human beings fail to perceive that other species even "exist" as individuals, let alone that they can be affectionate, loving and autonomous "people" with tastes, personalities, kinks, quirks, wishes, desires, intentions, fates, futures, dreams and hopes. It would seem that other species on earth possess no intrinsic worth as individuals, at least according to the majority of human kind.

Human beings ignore the science that suggests other species (particularly mammals) are different by degree and not in kind, and share a great proportion of similarities in genetic structure and neurological foundations. They ignore this because it's profitable to ignore it. Ignorance has always been and always will be a profitable state of being to perpetuate within a capitalist system.



The Goat-gland Transplantation, by Sydney B. Flower and John R. Brinkley

Some conclusions of this document follows on from ISSUE #1 insofar as other species are somehow considered "dirty" and "disgusting" except for where profit from the theft of their lives, body parts or emissions is concerned. It would seem that other species are only considered "clean" when they are the "property" of "good" humans. And "good" humans it would seem, do not consider the lives of others to possess value. Irony? Cynicism? Sadly not.

Fantastically Cynical Quotes:

"The cures that I have effected by gland transplantation up to the present time are enough to justify me for all of my work and efforts along this new line of science. Should I never operate again, I feel justly repaid and know that I have started something that will go on and on and live forever. Gland transplantation for the cure of disease within the next ten years will be as common as the removal of a diseased appendix is now. You can hardly pick up a daily paper without reading an account of some surgeon performing a wonderful operation of transplanting bone or tissue from some animal to replace that which was diseased in the human. Why not borrow what we need from the animal? We use their flesh for food. We also use their gland substances in the fresh or dried form to supply our bodies with whatever we may not possess."

"Dr. Brinkley’s operation to-day is a marvel, a wonder and a joy. There is a satisfaction in being in the van. It is fine to be the first to do a big thing, especially if that big thing is something of the most practical value to humanity. Mankind has always crowned its great generals, its great destroyers of life. Here is a man who comes forward to preserve life. That is his mission, if you like. Certainly it is his life work. It is a noble work."



Chimeras and Hybrids (Human-Other Species) are deliberately and quite cynically being "created" solely because these mutant un-beings possess "no rights" whatsoever, and thus can be exposed to the most degrading, painful and inane physiological and psycho-social tortures without peer. Creating these beings requires live material, namely "host" mothers and "eggs".

Mother "Host Banks" (Frank Herbert's Axoytl Tanks?) and Egg "donor" Harvesting seems to be a fine reason to proclaim the OOS I think. I apologise for my lack of learning upon this subject and I do intend to write up these circumstances in more detail at some point, but for now...I thought the OOS might like to take a crack at this.

We face this same situation whereby all other species are considered so intrinsically and contemptuously "inferior" and "filthy" that they do not deserve to be treated as sentient beings...It's often illegal and even socially / culturally "repugnant" to form relationships with other species, and not because the other species matter, but because other species are considered "dirty" and "inferior" and human beings can't face the fact that this might be a convenient lie that if uncovered could collapse their hierarchical spiritual pedestals and destroy the chain of being.

And yet...As soon as exploitation and profit enters the arena...all those cultural values, those religious values, the law...becomes worthless before the wanton face of effecting suffer. We have 99% Human and 1% genetically modified Bovine children becoming acceptable for - and because of - the PROFIT - and because - Creating a creature that can feel as does a human, but can be tortured with no compunction nor moral concern is a highly desirable circumstance profitable to psychotic abusers who relish suffer.

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