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Discussions about specific materials / Re: Nudity
« on: September 08, 2010, 07:55:18 AM »
Hi O.O.S

Thank you for replying. Yes i had read all the suggested Material but have done so again now. I still do not think its pointless to Rescue a Dog if i have the Means and the Animal needs to be rescued at that Momment when i see it. I still know that every one i saved is now happy and that is what made it worth. I do agree with you however, that the main goal of every moral Person should be to End ALL the Suffer. On the other Hand i do know my own Potential and i simply have not got the Contacts or Ressources or Knowledge you need. Which will anyway not Stop me though....i do know a few very serious Activists whom i will send the Link to ur website and i will def. keep my Eyes open and give as much time as possible to find a Answer u need to carry out the O.O.S. the other day i happened to watch TV, mainly bc u said the answer might come from there and i stumbled across something. i'm sending u a direct pm reg. that.

Discussions about specific materials / Re: Fucked Up Logic
« on: August 17, 2010, 08:27:36 AM »
i sure wish u would get in touch with me (sigh) as i agree with u

Discussions about specific materials / Re: Nudity
« on: August 17, 2010, 08:14:23 AM »
u said u used to be a activist (@Admin of O.O.S) and now u dedicate all u got to find how to carry out the oos
well what i would really love to know is a) why noone has answered either my email or pm.
and most of all i would love to know how much time u really spend on trying to find a solution, bc what i really do not understand is why we all must stop other activism (like rescuing dogs, veganism, etc.) , even if we havent got the slightest idea on how to find a soulution for ur if i have no clue i will only be sitting around doing allmost nothing while shelter dogs are being gassed and ppl continue eating meat etc. so why in all the world should i not help them in the meantime while still keeping a open eye for ur solution. it sounds like u have given up and also like u do not believe anyone can change, so how did u become vegan??? and do u guys still eat food???? i mean i really need to know all these things bc i care a lOT

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